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Hotel Odessa, London College of Fashion, 2017

Design and editing of magazine, Hotel Odessa from London College of Fashion. The International office of LCF had an idea to advertise the universities courses to an international audience through a live workshop. This year they selected Odessa, Ukraine. The concept for the workshop was to send a member of their teaching staff to the city, where they would work directly with fashion designers, photographers from the city to produce three shoots over three days. The focus of the project was very much learning through doing — generating a dynamic and spontaneous creative process. With this is mind we decided to develop a graphical kit for the project, taking inspiration directly from the city itself, and the historical graphical aesthetic of the Soviet Union. The kit provides the user with the ability to generate a typeface and graphical symbols, in any given context. For this issue, Hotel Odessa, the kit was applied following the aesthetic sensibility of the photographers’ work and the city.